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Julie Kim is a visual artist. Since earning her BFA in painting & drawing, she has been exploring different landscapes around the world and working in Seattle. Her painting is an exploration of an inner landscape, reconnecting to the tangible nature of color. She is inspired by shifting light and empty space, taking time to observe both in her life. 

“We live in a world where you can get a rainbow of paint colors at a store. Our colors are designed to be potent, durable and consistent. Although I value the intensity and purity of those synthetic colors, I prefer to disrupt its uniform quality with my handmade paints. I’m exploring a new spectrum in the local environment by foraging rocks for pigment. Thousands of subtly different shades and mineral compositions can be found if you look carefully. I investigate their personalities by weaving rigid lines and unplanned washes into multidimensional spaces. My role is to reveal the shapes the colors want to embody, and to combine both perspectives on color. Every color palette generates a different atmosphere and I invite you to explore their many layers.”

Past Shows

November 2018 : Metamorphic Skies: New Work by Julie Kim (solo), Cupcake Royale in Seattle, WA
October 2018 : 100 under 100 and the Sweet Suite 300 (group), ‘57 Biscayne Artist Studios in Seattle, WA
August 2018 : Elemental, Sugar Bakery & Cafe in Seattle, WA
April 2018 : Bemis Spring Art Show (group), The Bemis Building in Seattle, WA
April 2018 : Recent Work (solo), Oddfellows 4th Floor with Ghost Gallery in Seattle, WA
April 2017 : Color Theory — Contemporary Abstraction (group), Perry & Carlson Gallery in Mt. Vernon, WA
May 2015 : Senior Thesis 2015 (group), Jacob Lawrence Gallery in Seattle, WA
January 2015 : UW Open House (group), Sandpoint Gallery in Seattle, WA