Julie Kim is a visual artist working in Seattle. Her paintings are a reflection of an inner landscape, connecting to the tangible and energetic qualities of color. She is inspired by shifting light and empty space, taking the time to observe both in her life.

“You can buy a rainbow of paint colors at an art store. Our colors are designed to be potent, durable and consistent. Although I value the intensity and purity of synthetic colors, I prefer to disrupt its uniform quality with my handmade natural paints. Thousands of subtly different shades and mineral compositions can be found in different landscapes by foraging rocks for pigment. I investigate their personalities by weaving rigid lines and unplanned washes into multi-dimensional spaces. Every painting generates a different atmosphere and I invite you to explore their many layers.”



Hues of Wonder Valley, The Bird Line in Wonder Valley, CA


Metamorphic Skies, Cupcake Royale in Seattle, WA
The Sweet Suite 300, ‘57 Biscayne Artist Studios in Seattle, WA
Elemental, Sugar Bakery & Cafe in Seattle, WA
Bemis Spring Art Show, The Bemis Building in Seattle, WA
Recent Work, with Ghost Gallery in Seattle, WA


Color Theory - Contemporary Abstraction, Perry & Carlson Gallery, Mt. Vernon, WA


Senior Thesis 2015, Jacob Lawrence Gallery, Seattle, WA
UW Open House, Sandpoint Gallery, Seattle, WA