Julie Kim is an artist and pigment worker from Seattle. Using natural and synthetic palettes, she weaves layers of unplanned washes into multi-dimensional spaces, merging the internal and external landscape. Her search for unique pigments has led her to explore mountains, deserts and jungles around the world, inspiring a deep observation of her inner world. Each discovery contributes to her handmade mineral paint palette and a vocabulary of shapes that characterize her paintings: the wild growth of jungle foliage, fluidity of the wind, crystalline clarity and turbulent skies. Her paintings bring to light an unseen story, fusing realms of pigment and landscape together onto paper.



Hues of Wonder Valley, The Bird Line in Wonder Valley, CA


Metamorphic Skies, Cupcake Royale in Seattle, WA
The Sweet Suite 300, β€˜57 Biscayne Artist Studios in Seattle, WA
Elemental, Sugar Bakery & Cafe in Seattle, WA
Bemis Spring Art Show, The Bemis Building in Seattle, WA
Recent Work, with Ghost Gallery in Seattle, WA


Color Theory - Contemporary Abstraction, Perry & Carlson Gallery, Mt. Vernon, WA


Senior Thesis 2015, Jacob Lawrence Gallery, Seattle, WA
UW Open House, Sandpoint Gallery, Seattle, WA


The Bird Line 2019

Sachaqa Centro De Arte 2018