Metamorphic Skies

The series Metamorphic Skies ties together a year of foraging pigment in WA and the spectrum of the sky, ranging from the cloudy and rainy to the sunny and fresh.


My initial vision was to create a palette of colors all from WA, using my experience in Peru as an example.

The top color wheel is from the jungle, and the bottom was the one I was developing.

Paint making on it’s own is such a beautiful art form and every person’s paint has a unique personality as well.


Sometimes I make a painting, and it becomes a seed for more paintings to come. Below is an example of what i mean!

Courage began from a smaller painting I made in Peru that was named Synthetic Dandelion.

This golden yellow represents luck, sunshine, bloom, and these shapes are a combination of flora and circuitry.

There are so many contrasting pigments and minerals within Courage.

The idea for this series came to me as I was making these unbound rock-like shapes.

What I ended up making gelled this idea of sky + rocks. Earth + sky. Cool rainy moods.

The work just kept on growing from there


These paintings actually started out as a triptych but as I kept working on them they became very disconnected.

In the end the middle piece was discontinued and the first and last became solo!

When making paintings I try to show up with a loose plan but sometimes the painting just has a completely different direction it wants to go.

I don’t always receive clear directions, so it’s beautiful when I can just follow the painting!

This painting is titled “Take a Walk” and it’s really special to me.

I can’t really describe the simultaneous earthy texture and airiness I feel when looking at this.

It’s definitely the seed for the next series of paintings going forward!

Julie Kim